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2024 DEIB Logo

DEIB Committee

The purpose of the DEIB Committee is to help create a rich, intellectual learning environment within the Lancaster and Fairfield County business community.

The DEIB Committee understands the importance of creating an inclusive environment where ALL entities feel they belong, and encourages the respect of everyone's backgrounds and lived experiences being different and valued.

What DEIB Represents:

  • DIVERSITY - The many traits that differentiate individuals and groups from each other, including but not limited to: Age, Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Gender/Gender Identity, Language, Physical Ability, Sexual Orientation, and Veteran Status.
  • EQUITY - Refers to understanding the diverse attributes and needs of individuals and providing them access to the necessary resources needed for success.
  • INCLUSION - Valuing, respecting, and supporting diverse individuals and perspectives while enabling their full participation within the community.
  • BELONGING - The emotional feeling that an individual or group feels when their identity, diverse characteristics, and unique needs are seen and accepted by a community or organization, enabling them to feel empowered and authentic.