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  • Assistant Director of Business

    Posted: 03/03/2024

    Serves as a member of the superintendent’s executive staff and administers business functions including but not limited to Food Service, Transportation, Maintenance, Construction Management, Custodial Services, Facilities (including Athletics), Cost Accounting, Insurance (liability/property), Purchasing and Warehousing and other centralized operations for the district including the job responsibilities listed herein and other duties as directed by the superintendent or the Director of Business to serve the daily needs of the school system.

    1. Ohio Department of Education Director of Business's License or Superintendent’s License (must be able to obtain within two years).
    2. Bachelor’s Degree in education or business administration, public administration, finance or related field.
    3. Ability to coordinate services of and evaluate employees.
    4. Skilled in maintaining open lines of communication with various public agencies, boards, and governmental units.
    5. Experience in developing and implementing contracts, lease agreements, and bid procedures.
    6. Knowledge of construction, cost accounting, purchasing, maintenance, custodial, food service, and transportation operations preferred.
    7. Organization and planning skills.
    8. Demonstrated experience in facilitating and maintaining a functioning and productive team environment with peers, subordinates, and supervisors.
    9. Valid driver’s license.
    10. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as deemed acceptable by the Board.
    REPORTS TO: Director of Business
    SUPERVISES: Office Manager; All Support Services Supervisors (indirectly)

    The following authorities and responsibilities are delegated to the Assistant Director of Business:
    Budgeting and Financial Planning and Administration
    • Assist in the management of the business affairs of the school district
    • Provides, within the school district resources, for the payment of its legal obligations
    • Assist with the leadership and in developing the school district’s budget and appropriations process. Continually evaluates and improves this process to maximize efficiencies and operations
    • Works in cooperation with the Director of Business in the projection of revenue and expenditures and in preparing and implementing the appropriation resolution [budget] and spending plan for all board funds
    • Works with the Director of Business to implement a budget control system for areas of direct responsibility and monitors year-to-date expenditures
    Purchasing Management
    • Helps supervise the school district purchasing and conducts a uniform purchasing program of all supplies and equipment
      • Contacting vendors
      • Sending out written requests for bids
      • Tabulating and analyzing bids to determine best bid Keeping accurate records of all information on transactions Meeting sales personnel
      • Examining and keeping up-to-to date catalogs on products Maintaining current files on all prospective bidders
      • Working with other public entities in cooperative purchasing
    • Determines the validity of vendor claims
    • Purchases the best quality available at the least cost and is accountable for doing so.
    • Works with the Director of Business to negotiate contracts with vendors and strives to win their best terms for dealing with the school system
    • Monitors costs, trends, and reports operating results to the Superintendent upon request
    • Assists with supervising the central purchasing, receiving, and warehousing of supplies and equipment (if applicable).
    • Maintains a current system-wide inventory of and accounts for school equipment, furniture and supplies
    • Arrange for the distribution to school buildings of necessary supplies
    • Assist in preparing specifications and securing bids [proposals], when required, for the purchase of school furniture, equipment, supplies, services, etc., including necessary advertisements.
    Support Services Management
    • Manages long-range planning for district support services in cooperation with the Supervisor of Custodial and Maintenance
    • Assists in recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating all business and support staff
    • Helps approve the selection of business services, maintenance, custodial, cafeteria, and transportation personnel
    • Has authority to assign, direct, and discipline the business office [except fiscal office], maintenance, custodial, food service, transportation, and IT staffs in accordance with law and the negotiated agreement
    Facility Management, Repair and Development
    • Develops, manages and implements procedures and fee structures for the use of school facilities for all school and non-school activities and groups
    • Administers the rules and regulations of the board with regard to the utilization of school facilities by school and community organizations
    • Develops a facility maintenance and expansion program and supervises plan construction
    • Advises the Board and Superintendent relative to technical elements of new construction and alterations of existing facilities
    • Manages the district's real estate
    • Assists with the development and implementation of contracts, agreements, and leases
    • Administers the use of public buildings
    • Administers the surplus property program
    Safe and Healthy School Environment Management
    • Coordinates safety programs regarding fire prevention, fire inspection, emergency weather alerts, energy conservation and school bus safety inspection
    • Coordinates health inspections and safety inspections of facilities in accordance with statutory requirements
    • Reviews and improves safety and health related operational procedures as needed
    • Ensure compliance with all Federal and State laws and mandates, including, but not limited to ADA, EPA, Asbestos, OSHA, and OPERRA.
    • Keep current on facility safety improvements and associated law changes
    • Serves as part of the emergency response team and may be required to be on call during the weekends and holidays and well as during severe weather
    Manages Insurance Matters for the District
    • Assists with the development and management of the school district’s insurance program
    • Executes insurance contracts that have been authorized by the board and serves as liaison between the district and its insurance underwriters for claims covered
    • Coordinates, secures, and implements provisions for the offer of student insurance coverage for the district
    Information Technology
    • Assist with supervising the Information Technology office as it relates to district infrastructure. Infrastructure includes servers, networking technologies, building hardware, cameras, etc.
    • Utilize E-Rate as a funding source for all these items as allowed per federal regulations
    General Administrative Duties
    • Serves as a member of the district administrative management team
    • Prepare and recommend Board agenda items to the Superintendent for responsible areas
    • Provide care and custody of all property of the school district, real or personal, except monies
    • Assist the treasurer in preparing cost analysis reports related to collective bargaining proposals and their economic impact upon the district’s budget and financial profile
    • Acts as an advisor to the board [superintendent] on questions relating to the business affairs of the district
    • Serves as a secondary spokesman on business affairs of the district
    • Performs other business related duties as assigned by the board [superintendent] and/or Director of Business
    ANNUAL WORK SCHEDULE: Twelve (12) month contract
    FLSA STATUS: Exempt
    • The position’s performance will be evaluated per provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.
    SALARY: As established by the Lancaster Board of Education.

    • Mobility, strength (ability to lift or carry up to 50 pounds), dexterity and normal visual and hearing functions.
    Lancaster City Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.