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  • Fairfield County Auditor Participates in Project to Support Statewide Parcel Data Management

    Lancaster, Ohio – The Auditor’s Office is pleased to announce its participation and support in a statewide parcel data management project. The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) is a statewide parcel project that is a comprehensive effort to collect, standardize, and make accessible geospatial parcel and basic assessment data from all 88 counties in Ohio for all levels of government. The objective of this data collection is to create a single, standardized statewide dataset using authoritative data maintained by each county. The resulting dataset is now available to county and state stakeholders, and the data is of particular interest to realtors, surveyors, and GIS professionals.

    Over the past few months, the project leadership team, which includes Dave Burgei, Fairfield County REA Director, has dedicated significant efforts to the implementation phases of this project. This involved stakeholder outreach, schema design, and engaging with county software vendors. The team conducted research and outreach to identify common data extracts utilized by Ohio counties.

    Dr. Carri L. Brown, Fairfield County Auditor, stated, “Fairfield County has already provided our data for the project, and we will continue to submit the information annually. In addition, we have subject matter experts participating in the statewide effort.”

    Parcel data in digital form allows for easier access and use of the data, especially for state agencies providing public services. The statewide project allows parcel data from different jurisdictions to provide integrated and consistent maps of larger regions or areas that are multi-jurisdictional.

    The effort has already resulted in a success for the Ohio Housing and Finance Association (OHFSA).

    As part of the most recent state budget bill, the Ohio Housing and Finance Association was required to prepare and update a list of all Ohio federally subsidized residential rental property and annually certify the list to the Auditor of State, the Board of Tax Appeals, and the Department of Taxation, who in turn certifies that list to counties. The list will be used to help the Tax Commissioner create a uniform tax valuation method for federally subsidized residential rental properties. The parcel dataset that OGRIP shared with OHFA has helped by centralizing all of the parcel data into one place. Otherwise, officials would have had to look up the parcel information on 88 different county auditor websites.

    Access to the data can be found here.

    At this location, there are two applications: The Parcel Viewer and Parcel Land Use Lookup Applications. Both applications are open to the public to use. The Parcel Viewer has a limited number of fields available, such as address, owner, parcel number, and a link to the County Auditor Real Estate Websites. The Land Use Lookup Applications includes the land use information assigned to each parcel. Searches can be made based on address.

    For questions about the statewide parcel project, contact the County Auditor’s Real Estate Office at (740) 652-7030.