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  • Stand Manager

    Posted: 10/29/2023

    The Manager assumes full responsibility for his or her location’s growth, profitable operation, and the preservation of 7 Brew’s culture, mission statement, and values. The Manager is the leader of his or her crew and maintains genuine connections with them and the unique nuances of business at their stand(s). In addition to scheduled shifts, the Manager is expected to coach, train, perform admin duties, and oversee operations. The Manager reports to his or her District Manager.


    • Be proficient in all Brewista and Shift Lead duties and skill sets
    • Maintain excellent wait times, cleanliness, and customer interactions through
    • training, coaching, and encouragement
    • Provide regular feedback to each team member on strengths and areas of growth
    • Work with the crew’s needs and availability to create a weekly shift schedule, maintaining a low cost of labor while ensuring quick wait times and short lines
    • Monitor and maintain necessary inventory, small wares, and equipment
    • Ensure appropriate cash handling, deposits, and change for the stand
    • Facilitate team bonding and development through regular meetings and events for the Shift Leads and Brewistas
    • Take ownership of solutions
    • Ensure crew is knowledgeable and meeting all health requirements
    • Develop new leaders
    • Implement and communicate directives from upper management
    • Delegate tasks to the leadership team and Brewistas to facilitate efficiency and appropriate development
    • Work a flexible schedule, which can include early mornings (5 a.m.) and late nights (11:30 p.m.)
    • Visit the stand outside of scheduled shifts to coach, observe, train, and perform administrative duties
    • Regularly work weekends and be available to work holidays, if necessary
    • Be available by phone or in person to promptly address any needs


    • Create and maintain genuine, uplifting interactions
    • Work carefully and quickly with hot water and coffee, glass bottles, and dairy products
    • Be able to work outside for prolonged periods, in all weather conditions
    • Be able to lift up to 50lbs
    • Be able to stand comfortably for hours at a time
    • Be able to climb a ladder and use a stepladder
    • Be able to stand, sit, bend, kneel, twist, and squat as necessary to stock and clean in the stand
    • Safely walk in between and around cars in the drive thru line
    • Safely use a utility knife
    • Operate any position in the stand during peak hours
    • Maintain awareness of the shift’s operations while working a position
    • Be able to address operational, procedural, or cultural issues with team members
    • Adapt to problems and implement solutions during stressful situations
    • Effectively manage multiple projects and deadlines
    • Effectively lead and direct multiple personality types under pressure
    • Has proven leadership abilities in a fast-paced environment with 40+ team members
    • Beginner-level proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite