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  • Garage Door Technician

    Dr. Door is a Lancaster-based garage door company providing garage door sales and services. We are looking for a full-time garage door technician to join our team.

    The perfect candidate meets the following criteria:

    • You love a good physical challenge.
    • You love pushing yourself to be better than you were last week.
    • You love to listen to music or podcasts while working.
    • You love being part of a team atmosphere.
    • You love being responsible for making homes look beautiful.
    • You easily follow policy and rules.
    • You are able to make things work despite non-ideal conditions.
    • You love making people happy everyday.
    • You love being part of growth.
    • You love a little chaos and pivoting
    Our goals:
    • To provide the best possible experience for homeowners and clients with repairing their garage doors and openers.
    • To provide employees with positive growth opportunities, while preparing them for their next adventure.
    • To provide solutions to our clients’ problems.
    Learn more or apply today by visiting drdoorcompany.com/careers!